The Art Of Learning English!

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About us
The English language is the most commonly spoken language around the world. It’s extremely beneficial to know English no matter the profession or location you are in!
tChild strives to boost and strengthen the confidence in students to overcome the fear of speaking a foreign language. We provide an open English learning environment that consists of working with programs based on Oxford University Press and Workman publishing, exciting experiments, cooking, and multiple types of crafts that your child is sure to love!
About us
How we work
At tChild center we use the language immersion method, in which training is conducted entirely in English:
Lessons are held in groups of up to 4 people with native speakers
During the lesson communication is key (practice their speech)
Interactive learning based on materials from Oxford University Press & Workman Publishing (British and American English)
One-to-one online lessons with a teacher
Ages from 5-16
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Adults 17+
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Ages from 5-16
tChild offering English language courses for children of ages from 5 to 16 years old. Interactive approach, interesting activities make learning fun and guarantees quick and high-quality results. A communicative method in which the child from the very first lesson begins to speak English, in the form of games and interesting activities. Classes are built so that students can overcome their fear of speaking English and communicate with each other as much as possible!
Adults 17+
The purpose of our courses is to prepare you for anything from a business trip to just traveling abroad for pleasure. We offer a platform for adults to improve their speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills. Our main focus is on communication, practiced through games and keeping a conversation with the staff.
Online courses
Online courses
TChild offers online courses for people of all ages, with more then one native teacher per lesson. Online courses are perfect for people who don’t have time to attend in person or would prefer to have it from the comfort of their home. Lessons can be taken anywhere.
You will have the opportunity to engage in a conversation, expand your vocabulary, and learn grammar.
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Our advantages
  • We immerse children in an English-only environment
  • Classes are held with native speakers
  • New and exciting activities every lesson to ensure your child never gets bored
  • Interactive format
During creative, culinary and scientific workshops, students actively learn English vocabulary on various topics.
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